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Why are some people more successful in their careers and personal lives than others? Why do some people grow and flourish, get promoted, move ahead rapidly and enjoy greater satisfaction and happiness in their lives and work? – Just because of difference between good and excellent.

Often the difference between being good and being excellent is making adjustments that allow you to spend more of your time developing your greatest strengths.

Excellence is in the eye of the beholder. If you have done your best, you may feel your work is excellent. But if that work is being delivered to someone else, that person may have different expectations and a different evaluation of whether or not the work was excellent.

In your life , it is very important that you do your best and produce excellent work. This will increase your confidence and esteem, as well as results in praise and other benefits. Excellence requires satisfying the specific requirements and going beyond what is expected. – Exceeding Expectations.

You must then work hard to complete the task on time and as per the requirements, with no errors or omissions.

Excellence, true excellence, is something we prize but seldom see. It's a joy to encounter someone who is truly excellent at what they do. Why is that so rare? More importantly, how can you become known as an individual who consistently demonstrates excellence?
The starting point in the career development process is identifying your skills, competencies, values, interests, goals and personality style in order to analyze the available career paths and to explore realistic job opportunities. The key questions include:

Motivation :
One comment that is heard again and again about those who demonstrate excellence is, "He/she is a natural at it." They don't seem to struggle to be excellent; it just flows. That is always a sign of motivation, and therein lies the first key- Motivation is required for excellence. Like all motivations, these were inborn or can be developed. People who demonstrate excellence have identified their motivations and worked hard to develop them. They have added knowledge, skill, experience and practice to consistently produce at the highest levels.

Attitude :
The attitude of excellence goes beyond simply satisfying customer requirements. It is delivering a product that is beyond expectations-exceeding expectation. You should put in the extra touch of quality.

Concentration and Focus :
It is very essential to have focused approach and birds eye towards the attainment of goal. Identify and avoid road blocks to your goals. Priorities the work to identify your highest value task.

Creativity and Innovation :
One needs to be highly innovative to deal with difficulties and solving problems . This requires to stimulate creative thinking individually and with in the group. Steps for Achieving Excellence :
Journey to Excellence is founded on a unique philosophy and purpose. This requires:
arrow Baseline review of current/ present situation and setting of targets.
arrow Identify determinants of success.
arrow Take over charge of your life by quality thinking and action plans for improvements.
arrow Gain a greater sense of personal control and power
arrow Develop mission and Set goals in major areas of your life.
arrow Plan and identify the benefits of achieving goals in your life.
arrow Adopt innovative changes by investing in people, process and programs.
arrow Become master of Change rather than victim of Change.
arrow Develop courage and persistence .Practice generosity.
arrow Be flexible.
arrow Application of emotional intelligence while communicating with people.
arrow Regular assessment of attainment of goals
arrow Achieve balance in your life
arrow At every step one must evaluate the progress to make improvements towards attainment of excellence.
Doing excellent work is a natural progression from being accurate and skilled. It leads to being valuable to your company. The pursuit of excellence results in measurable performance gains. It's not magic bullet. Organizations/individuals that demonstrate excellence follow a steady, incremental path over several years. This requires investment in people, programs and processes that continuously improve their environment.

As a business so tied to the human touch and sensibilities, every gesture to attend the needs of business and concerns are valued. Hence everyone will need to reflect this behavior, understanding that customer Satisfaction and achieving excellence in his or her area of operation is the only performance yardstick. And, you must be prepared to reward those employees who excel with this value proposition.