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Qplus Learning provides educative and professional training to thousands of professionals. Our alumni are applying the professional skills learned from Qplus Learning at over 100 companies across India in various industries. We have a pool of nationally recognized industry professionals with years of experience in their respective domains. Moreover, we are committed to respond to your specific needs and continually improving our training programs.

Our aim is to increase flexibility and customization to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our training consist of variety of delivery methods, offering a broader range of subject matter. We have developed multi-course customized programs for large-scale rollout to your IT, management professionals, technical product sales force or anyone in your organization who needs professional training.
We adopt a range of training approaches, depending upon organizational and individual need. We choose the most appropriate and updated training approach, which includes:
arrow Psychometric Tests
arrow Questionnaire
arrow Group discussions
arrow Role-play
arrow Case studies
arrow Management games

The main focus of our professional training service is that most of the participant's time should be spent in team learning rather than in dry, formal lecture. More importantly these sessions will help participants to identify the difference between effective and ineffective behavior and guide them in ways that will help them to change aspects of their behavioral style that may need improvement. Also these activities help them to see the impact of their behavioral style on others and consider its possible implications. These training sessions give them the motivation, commitment and methodology to upgrade.

arrow Training under the guidance of experienced trainers
arrow Customize your course content
arrow Courses anywhere you want
arrow Choose course dates as per your convenience
arrow Cost effective
arrow 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and is our hallmark
arrow Professional Training - IT
arrow Professional Training - Management