Last Updated:3/23/2006 11:39:46 AM
Manpower Consultancy Stress Management Training in India | Stress & Time Management Training

With the increase in the demand of manpower, manpower consultancy has also gone up. Companies that are into manpower staffing also provide manpower consultancy.

Organizations when faced with the problem of recruiting manpower sometimes do not know how to proceed. This could be when a large number of people need to be recruited at the same time. Companies then go for manpower consultancy. With the help of their advice, companies can smoothen down the recruitment process.

Companies dealing in manpower outsourcing take care of everything for their clients. They will browse through loads of profiles, short-list candidates, call them, test their skills according to the specified requirement and then pass them on to their clients. There are certain skills that are required for this kind of work. A professional should have excellent communication skills, the ability to judge people, a good power of understanding and grasping. It is only then that he or she can select candidates for its clients.

There are two kinds of manpower firms. Contingent firms and retained firms. Contingent firms receive payment from the clients on the basis of the offer they make for the clients. Retained firms on the other hand receive payment on the basis of one third, one third and one third. One third payment has to be made by the client initially. One third is made as soon as the requirement is put forth to the consultants and they start the process of looking for a candidate. One third payment is made on the basis of the offer the consultants make for their clients. If we look from this aspect, retained firms are better but contingent firms are increasing in number.

Qpluslesrning provides complete manpower consultancy. They help their clients at every step by directing them in the right direction.